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Who We Are

CHCS is held up by what we call our “Three Pillars.” Each of the pillars is equally important as they collectively guide the school in all it does.

Pillar One

CHCS is a great school that is a Christian School. Students at every grade receive daily Bible instruction. In the pre-school through elementary grades, these lessons are taught by their regular classroom instructor. Starting at the middle school level and continuing through high school, one class period each day is devoted to a Bible class. Also, the school has a chapel service each Thursday. A chapel for the elementary school children is held separately from one for the secondary students. Each is age-specific with praise music and guest speakers. Lastly, the school sets aside one week in the spring for all high school students to participate in a mission focus. These activities are designed to give our high school students a range of activities that include local, regional, and international opportunities. Students and families are not required to be church attenders, but all students must be involved in and supportive of our Christian heritage and activities.

Pillar Two

CHCS is a great school with high academic standards and expectations. We are a school with a long history of academic rigor and a challenging curriculum. Our teachers are fully credentialed and expect students to work hard and be dedicated to their studies. As a result, graduates will be academically prepared for post-secondary schooling or have the work habits for careers beyond high school.

Pillar Three

CHCS is a great school with high social and behavioral expectations. All students who agree to Pillars 1 and 2 must be willing to meet the school’s social and behavioral expectations. Respect for each other and for the teachers is the norm. Being welcoming to new students and helping and supporting one another is a given. The school purposely slows down the social interactions to allow our students to reach the level of maturity to make good decisions.

These three pillars are not unlike the legs of a three-legged stool. If any of the three is missing, then the stool cannot remain standing. The same is true for CHCS. The absence of any of the pillars would lead to a changing of who we are and reduce it to something much less than it is. As a result, the staff and leadership of the school consider each pillar a non-negotiable. If you want to be a part of a school with high academic and behavioral standards that are driven by biblical principles, then College Heights Christian School is the place for you.