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Faculty and Staff

All faculty at College Heights Christian School are certificated teachers as well as Christian educators. God has blessed us with a strong teaching faculty and staff from varied backgrounds that are able to lead their students to a high level of learning. Teachers instill a love for learning while at the same time teaching their subjects through the lens of a Christian Worldview.

  Name Title Contact
Deana Adams Adams, Deana Food Service Director 417-782-4114 x280
Julie Anderegg Anderegg, Julie 4th Grade Teacher
Candice Anderson Anderson, Candice History Teacher High School
Julie Bgoni Bgoni, Julie Teacher’s Aide
John Blankenship Blankenship, John Bible Teacher High School
Leah Blankenship Blankenship, Leah 2nd Grade Teacher
Tabitha Bogar Bogar, Tabitha 5th Grade Teacher
Lynne Bontrager Bontrager, Lynne Preschool Teacher
Carter Calef Calef, Carter Science Teacher Middle School
Kayla Calef Calef, Kayla 1st Grade Teacher
Heather Cawyer Cawyer, Heather Business Office 417-782-4114 x223
Sarah Chambers Chambers, Sarah 1st Grade Teacher
Jodie Chenoweth Chenoweth, Jodie Preschool Teacher
Breana Clark Clark, Breana Music/Drama Teacher
Mary Colin Colin, Mary Elementary Principal 417-782-4114 x220
Molly Creswell Creswell, Molly Business Manager 417-782-4114 x224
Jeanne Cummins Cummins, Jeanne Spanish Teacher
Stephanie Dalrymple Dalrymple, Stephanie Teacher's Aide
EveAngeline Davis Davis, EveAngeline English Teacher Middle School
Keshia Edge Edge, Keshia 4th Grade Teacher
Deana Fanning Fanning, Deana Food Services 417.782.4114 x280
Jennifer Fuller Fuller, Jennifer Media Teacher 417-782-4114 x271
Catherine Garrison Garrison, Catherine Kindergarten Teacher
Sharon Gloyer Gloyer, Sharon Cases/Courts Teacher High School
Krista Good Good, Krista Administrative Assistant Elementary 417-782-4114 x221
Pamela Green Green, Pamela Math Teacher High School
Kaye Griffith Griffith, Kaye Administrative Assistant Secondary 417-782-4114 x222
Kimberly Hamilton Hamilton, Kimberly English Teacher High School
Christina Hardy Hardy, Christina Marketing Director 417-782-4114 x203
Eric Johnson Johnson, Eric PE Fitness Teacher
Todd Johnson Johnson, Todd Technology/Band Teacher
Amber Jones Jones, Amber Kindergarten/P.E. Teacher
Phillip Jordan Jordan, Phillip Athletic Director/ P. E. Teacher 417-782-4114 x237
Chrissy King King, Chrissy Spanish Teacher High School
Eric Lang Lang, Eric Math Teacher Middle School
Melissa (Earhart) Lang Lang, Melissa (Earhart) Teacher's Aide
Emily Lawrence Lawrence, Emily Athletic Administrative Assistant 417-782-4114 x211
Daniel Lewis Lewis, Daniel Secondary Principal 417-782-4114 x210
Desiree Limkeman Limkeman, Desiree 2nd Grade Teacher
Jamie Lorimer Lorimer, Jamie Curriculum Implementation Specialist
Kristi McGowen McGowen, Kristi Technology Teacher
Amanda Mehrens Mehrens, Amanda Title I Reading Specialist
Jean Miller Miller, Jean Science Teacher High School
Cathy Morris Morris, Cathy 3rd Grade Teacher
Kevin Morrow Morrow, Kevin Bible Teacher Middle School
Lesli Neuenschwander Neuenschwander, Lesli Preschool Teacher
Nancy Ohmart Ohmart, Nancy History Teacher Middle School
Matt Perry Perry, Matt IT Coordinator 417-782-4114 x240
Lisa Purcell Purcell, Lisa School Counselor 417-782-4114 x235
Somer Quade Quade, Somer Title 1 Reading Specialist
James Rhea Rhea, James Superintendent 417-782-4114 x200
Janene Russell Russell, Janene Math Teacher High School
Diane Schiermeyer Schiermeyer, Diane 5th Grade Teacher
Michele Silvey Silvey, Michele 3rd Grade Teacher
Marshella Simmons Simmons, Marshella English Teacher High School
Leslie Skinner Skinner, Leslie Food Services 417-782-4114 x280
Marilyn Stewart Stewart, Marilyn Art Teacher Elementary
Stacey Thomas Thomas, Stacey Kindergarten Teacher
Cody VanVactor VanVactor, Cody Science Teacher High School
Sonya Wilkins Wilkins, Sonya Music Teacher/Counselor's Asst
Taylor Williams Williams, Taylor Art Teacher Middle/High School
Scott Yount Yount, Scott English Teacher Middle/High School
Anita Zarrabi Zarrabi, Anita Assistant to the Superintendent 417-782-4114 x201