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New School Name Press Release

JANUARY 4, 2024
Lisa White, Marketing Director
College Heights Christian School


Over the past four years at CHCS, we have seen a great deal of growth. This year 2023-24, we started with 614 students which is the most CHCS has had to start the year in its history. We have had a 20% growth in four years. The current enrollment numbers are causing us to be very close to capacity in our current space

With this growth, and the potential for more growth, as a school we began to look at what we could do for additional space. According to the school’s bylaws, the school was not allowed to incur any debt or purchase land without church approval. Through much conversation between the CHCS School Board and the Church Elder Board, the best path forward for school growth would be independence from the church.  This occurred toward the end of the 2022-23 school year. With this independence came the necessity to change the bylaws and policies to reflect the change. Included in this process was also the need to change the name of the school to reflect a Christian School that represented the 85 churches from different communities sending students to our school, not just one.  While the name change is necessary, we are still and always will be a Christian school.  We will continue to have the same values and high Christian standards that College Heights Christian School has always been known for.

As it became evident that the independence was going to be necessary, the school board set about the task of how to rename the school while maintaining the reputation and legacy the school has established over the past 45 years.  The board agreed the name should continue to focus on and emphasize God, honor the past, and also propel the school into the future and new seasons ahead, with continued excellence in all we do. After much deliberation, prayer, and communication, the board agreed that the new name for our school would be New Heights Christian Academy!

The new name reflects the amazing things that College Heights Christian School has done and shows the focus of  building on those things and taking them to new heights in the future. The name also reflects the excellence with which we strive to develop a Christ-centered learning environment with a Biblical worldview.

Our plan is to finish this school year as College Heights Christian School and then, beginning with our next school year in August, we will be New Heights Christian Academy.


Why Choose College Heights Christian School?

College Heights Christian School (CHCS) has a clear mission statement that guides every aspect of its educational approach. The mission statement reads: "CHCS glorifies God through excellence as a Christ-centered learning environment that produces servant leaders with a biblical worldview." This mission statement is a powerful reminder of the school's commitment to providing a comprehensive education that is rooted in faith and focused on producing graduates who are prepared to make a positive impact in the world.

The first part of the mission statement, "CHCS glorifies God through excellence," highlights the school's commitment to academic rigor and excellence. The school places a strong emphasis on providing students with a challenging and engaging curriculum that prepares them for success in college, career, and life. This commitment to excellence is evident in the school's strong reputation for academic achievement and its consistent performance on standardized tests.

The second part of the mission statement, "as a Christ-centered learning environment," emphasizes the school's focus on faith and spirituality. CHCS integrates faith into every aspect of the curriculum, providing students with a deep understanding of Christian beliefs and values. Bible classes, chapel services, and Christian worldview training are integrated throughout the curriculum, helping students develop a strong foundation in their faith and see the relevance of their beliefs to every aspect of their lives.

The third part of the mission statement, "that produces servant leaders," emphasizes the school's focus on character development and service. CHCS places a strong emphasis on developing students who are not only academically proficient but also kind, compassionate, and ethical individuals. Students are taught values such as honesty, respect, and responsibility, and are given opportunities to participate in community service and leadership development.

Finally, the fourth part of the mission statement, "with a biblical worldview," emphasizes the school's commitment to helping students see the world through a lens of compassion and justice. CHCS aims to produce graduates who are equipped to navigate the complexities of the world with grace and resilience, using their faith as a guide to making a positive impact in their communities and beyond.

Overall, the mission statement of CHCS serves as a powerful reminder of the school's commitment to providing a comprehensive education that is rooted in faith, focused on academic excellence, and aimed at producing graduates who are prepared to make a positive impact in the world. By emphasizing the development of servant leaders with a biblical worldview, the school prepares students to succeed not just academically but also as individuals who are committed to making a positive difference in the world. Whether you are a parent looking for an excellent education for your child or a student looking to grow in your faith and leadership abilities, CHCS is an excellent choice.

James Newton - Entrepreneur

Last Sunday we held graduation ceremonies for the Class of 2022.  Our graduates have been busy making plans for college, tech schools, and jobs.  It is an exciting time in our seniors lives. 

Not many graduates can say they are graduating having already started two businesses, but James Newton can. James founded an E-commerce website that sells jewelry nation-wide. NJ & Co is a legitimate, high quality, and affordable online jewelry store. This was his way of following in his family's footsteps, while adding a modern twist to a 108-year business. James has spent his summers working in his family's business, Newton's Jewelers, where he has learned the basics of jewelry cleaning and repair. 

As his second business, James started Newton's Motorsports LLC. While in school, James worked as a part-time technician at Paul's Auto repair as part of his Franklin Technology Center auto-tech internship. In his free time, James likes to buy, refurbish, and sell cars as part of Newton's Motorsports LLC.  While James says he has lost count of his official total, he thinks he has probably refurbished and sold around 14 cars. 

The result is he will be pursuing his goals by continuing to sell cars on the side, while also attending New Approach School for Jewelers in Arlington, TN and completing his Graduating Gemologist at GIA after completing New Approach.

Well done, James!

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Influence And Impact

April 06, 2022
By Katie Gariss Marsh

This is a post written by Katie Marsh on Facebook about the influence of a CHCS high school student on her son, an elementary student at CHCS.  Thank you to Katie for allowing us to also share it here.



Many of you have probably seen that our CHCS boys made it to the Elite 8 yesterday and lost in a heartbreaker of a game. What a team to watch, though! So fun. Seriously. The heart, the hustle, the camaraderie of the boys....they are a special group! 

What many of you probably haven't seen though, is a little 9-year-old boy's heart that has been filled over and over again by the friendship and kindness of these high school boys, to him and particularly by Miller. Will started watching Miller Long play ball several years ago and Miller, in all graciousness and kindness, gave Will the time of day.  He gave him attention and friendship. It didn't take long for #24 to become not just a player he wanted to play like but a person he wanted to be like. I didn't realize until I became a parent what it can mean to both you and your child when someone "sees" your kid. Not just see past them but to take time to speak into them. And that's what Miller has done. Miller has put up with lots of texts from Will (with lots of emoji's) and yet he's texted back too many to count. 

Miller was the first one Will wanted to text when he was baptized last year. Miller has driven out of the way multiple times on an early Saturday morning to watch Will play basketball. He taught him one on one on the court. But as often as we talk about Miller's basketball skills in our home, we more often talk about his character.  The picture posted here is one of my favorites from  church earlier this year where both boys' heads are bowed in prayer.  I snapped it because I saw Miller move first and Will quickly wanted to match his posture - down to his hands folded the same way. The apostle Paul said in 1 Corinthians, "Follow my example as I follow the example of Christ". 

So, Miller, I guess what I want to say in this lengthy post is the Marsh clan is proud of your basketball achievements. They are impressive, no doubt. But it's your heart for the Lord that these parents are thanking God for and the impact it's had on their young 9-year-old impressionable son....and us.   We can't wait to se what all the Lord does in and through you! Basketball season may be done, but your season of kingdom influence as a man after God's own heart is only just beginning!

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4/6/22 - By Katie Gariss Marsh