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At College Heights Christian School, the Fine Arts program strives to develop creativity and artistry in every student. It is the desire of the Fine Arts departments to reflect the creativity of God, with the goal of making the name of Christ known through all the various mediums.


The music program begins at our youngest level and is offered through high school. Students are given a solid foundation in music and have the opportunity for extra opportunities such as elementary choir, participation in musical productions, Christmas programs, district and state level competitions, plus performing and attending a variety of local performances.


Students from kindergarten through high school are offered art classes. Numerous mediums are explored including drawing, painting, photography, ceramics and glass. Secondary students may compete at local levels with many awards recognized at the state level annually.


Band begins at the fifth grade level. Students develop musicianship and perform Christmas and spring concerts as well as compete in district and state level competitions which include entire band as well as small ensembles and solos. High school band includes jazz band and concert band.


Middle school and high school students are given the opportunity to participate in a variety of dramatic productions and competitions. From prop production to set design to the technical aspects of light and sound production, students are offered a variety of ways to be involved.